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What's with the Name Rock Rifle

Rock Rifle Trading Company

There’s a theme of the industrial revolution based on ingenuity and creativeness. Americans are the masters of using what’s available to them to overcome challenges and obstacles. We thought there needed to be an outward expression of the accomplishments and pride we’ve built as a country. We decided to launch Rock Rifle.

One of the greatest stories in the Bible is the one of David defeating Goliath. He didn’t have the size, strength or weapon systems available that his opponent had. However, he had a couple rocks and faith. And we know how that ended up; Goliaths’ head carved off and fear of the insurgents at a fever pitch.

However, while we love hurling stones, we love shooting lead downrange even more. The rifle is the weapon that military and law enforcement have at their disposal now, and those brave men and women utilize their weapons to keep us safe and endure freedom. No one will forget the videos of Seal Team 6 covert mission into Pakistan to put down the world’s largest terrorist. Those men had rifles blazing and protected the country we all love.

 So whether it be Rock or Rifle, we’ve got you covered.

Rock Rifle Trading Co.

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